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Frequently asked Questions

Do you sell Lamb, Rabbit, Game Meats?

Sorry we do not carry those items. Lamb may be a possible addition in the future.


Do you sell Quarter or half cows?


Yes we do! You can order Fronts Quarters(150-180lbs), Hind Quarters(140-180lbs), and even whole sides of beef(300-330lbs)! The whole process can take 3 weeks to 1 month. After you come in we go threw how you would like your meat broken down and packaged. Then we order your beef! After it comes in we hang it in our cooler and age it to perfection! After that we cut it and call you to come pick it up! As the price changes often we will only know the price per pound when we order to give you an estimate. We will know final weight when it arrives.


Can I order a full pig to put on a spit?


Yes you can! There are many sizes you can order from! We can order them and have them come in the following week! Give us a call at 519-455-5230 or come in and we can help you!


Do you sell curing salt?


Yes we do sell curing salt! You can buy as little or as much as you like! If you need curing salt we suggest ordering it 1-2 weeks in advance as our sausage casing supplier only comes every 2 weeks. But if you aren't doing hundreds of pounds of sausage we probably will have enough in stock to meat your needs! If you need casings or pork shoulders or legs those can also be ordered!


Can we make substitutions in the freezer specials?


Yes you can. You can trade for anything you want! The quantity you get is based off the price of the item in the package. For example lets say you don't want Pork Side Ribs. You have $12 to use to buy anything in the store or we can take the price right off the cost of the package.


Do I have to order ahead of time or can you do a freezer package same day?


Usually we can put together your freezer package right in the store when you are there. We can normally do the package on the same day. The only time when we cannot is when we get to many orders in one day. When that happens we will let you know and can tell you when we can make up the package. If you require delivery we deliver for $4 on top of the price for delivery. We do not guarantee delivery times but can usually get it out to you before or after a time during the day.


How much do I have to order?


You don't. When in the store you can have any quantity, thickness, and wrapped almost anyway you want it! We cut as we go so we can get you anything you need. Want a 3" top sirloin steak? We'll ask you if you want a string around that roast!

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